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Exhaust Gas Average Value Systems

Our exhaust gas average value systems are based on a TSX Premium PLC and a Schneider Electric 10.4" touch screen. These two components hold the needed certificates of the current classes ex works, for instance Germanischer Lloyd, Buero Veritas or Lloyds Register.
Developed by our company, the application software has emerged through the decades as a technically mature standard program.

The exhaust gas average value system is adaptable to engine sizes from 6 cylinder in-line engines up to 16 cylinder V-engines. All cylinder temperatures, the average value and the average value deviation are displayed on the touch screen.
Each cylinder commands two alarm points. These are the maximum temperature and the maximum average value deviation allowed. Both can be defined and changed via password. In case of a temperature sensor failure this value will be taken out of the automatic average determination and signalled in the alarm list.
Exhaustgas Temperatures
Exhaustgas Temperatures
Cylinder Deviation
Cylinder Deviation
The System works with Ni-Cr-Ni sensors by default but can optionally be delivered as 4-20mA or PT100 version as well.

Included in delivery:
  • TSX Premium PLC including analogue inputs and the exhaust gas average value system program
  • 10,4" touch screen and visualisation of the exhaust gas temperatures and alarm list
  • instruction manual
  • terminal lay-out
  • certificates of the accordant class

It is self-evident no problem to have the system installed and started by our technicians.