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Winch Controls

  • over and low pressure hydraulic systems
  • electric machines for Bratweg, Norwinch and Hitzler
  • replacement of old A020
A020 (Plus) Alternative
Today, the widespread AEG controls functioning as winch controls are not produced anymore and unfortunately spare parts need several weeks for delivery. On that account an in-house successor of these controls has been developed that is easy to assemble due to the same dimension and wiring.

Modicon A020
Modicon A020

  • 24 digital inputs
  • 16 relay outputs (6A/~250VAC)
  • 4 analogue inputs
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • Approval: GL, LR, BV, ABS, etc

Therefore the Modicon A020 as well as the A020 Plus controls can be replaced.
A020 Plus Alternative
A020 Plus Alternative

The replacement of the controls is remarkably simple. It is merely necessary to take the plugs off the old A020 and dismantle the A020 from the switchboard. The replacement control has the same dimension as the original A020 base plate and can thus be directly installed on the exact same spot. Finally the plugs have to be coupled with the matching connectors of the new control and the replacement is completed.

Accordingly, the program for the winch controls has been edited so that each control can be changed between anchor and mooring winch by employing a simple bridge. Consequently, double spare part storage is unnecessary.

Other programs can easily be read out from the old control and transferred to the new one.